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Clinical & Reproductive Health Psychology

Dr. Katherine Ellis-Hernandez facilitates individual, couples and family therapy. She has experience working with individuals and families from many different backgrounds and walks of life who have been affected by anxiety, depression, grief and loss, or are just looking for a supportive environment to transition through a life change. Her specialties include relationship-building, human sexuality, reproductive and health psychology. She focuses on preventative care and encourages her clients to develop long-term solutions to help cope with life stressors in a holistic manner.

Dr. Hernandez also facilitates educational and supportive groups focusing on topics such as: relationships, HIV/AIDS education, reproductive/sexual education, and parent education regarding teaching children about sexuality. Her groups are aimed at increasing knowledge, building positive relationships, and developing tolerance for others who have different thoughts and beliefs from their own.

Dr. Hernandez provides consultation services to families who are researching, currently participating in, or have successfully created their family through third party reproduction (i.e., surrogacy, egg donation).

Dr. Hernandez administers a full battery of projective and objective psychological assessments for the purposes of determining fitness to enter a program or undergoing a health-related procedure. She also performs psychoeducational assessments (i.e., achievement and cognitive testing) to identify strengths and weaknesses in relation to educational goals. The following is a list of the types of evaluations Dr. Hernandez performs:

  • Evaluations for participants of third party reproduction
  • Evaluations for patients undergoing elective medical procedures
  • Evaluations to determine fitness for health-related programs
  • Psychoeducational assessments to evaluate learning difficulties and/or disabilities