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Racquel Jeffery

Racquel JeffreyEducation & Certification: Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner, Certified Life Strategies Coach, Biofeedback Specialist. Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development.

From a young age I struggled with my own health issues. Through multiple tests, doctors, prescriptions, specialists, and surgeries I wasn’t getting better. The medical field didn’t have any answers for me. I began to search the holistic field in hopes of finding some help. After trying multiple modalities, I came across QRA, which changed my life.

As I began my journey into the study of QRA, I sought out the founder of QRA as well as other practitioners known to be the best in this field. I have since studied and expanded my practice to include more advanced techniques. My clients are the testament to the proven success of QRA– they have seen phenomenal results!

What is so special about Quantum Reflex Analysis? In terms of results, it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. QRA focuses in on the very root cause of health issues. Once the root cause is known, the correct treatment can be applied for optimal health success, even in the very most challenging cases!

My advanced level of QRA has led me to train practitioners from San Diego to Orange County and assisting practitioners in their most difficult cases.

I am excited to share my knowledge and success with you and assist you on way to ultimate health.