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Dr. JP Yurgel D.C.

image1Dr. J.P. Yurgel is a Chiropractor and healer specializing in Bio-Geometric Integration. He works with people by acknowledging their inner wisdom and their body’s innate ability to heal. He does this by connecting with a person’s system and allowing their wisdom to be his guide, which in turn allows the body to unravel and release patterns that cause dysfunction.

Every experience in life contains information, be that physical, chemical, emotional or mental. Every individual integrates information differently because we are all unique. Our health and vitality are dependent upon our body’s ability to process this information.

When our bodies integrate the information from an experience we are able to adapt and learn allowing us to grow and move forward. However, when we have an experience that we are not able to adapt and learn from, our system cannot integrate information. Instead our system stores it, holds on to it and creates patterns causing a rigidity and sense of dis-ease.

For example, a person loses a job suddenly. This may cause their system to be disconnected from the full experience due to the shock. Without being able to integrate the information, emotions of doubt and fear, along with negative thoughts increase stress levels which result in physical form, such as heart palpatations or increased heart rate. The effects from one experience creates patterns within the system restricting the body’s ability to function and perform optimally and as a result decreases the level of health and well being, creating dis-ease.

By assisting the body in releasing these subluxation (less light/ less life) patterns, the body gets another opportunity to integrate the experience and fully process the information allowing more ease and healing.

Dr. JP works with people of all ages and backgrounds. Newborns to centenarians benefit from an optimally functioning nerve system for health and vitality.

Dr. J.P. raises the vibration, awareness and consciousness of the community to help shift our world in becoming a planet with more harmony, love, joy and happiness.