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Janet Nicksic

I began my career in Social Work in 1997, while practicing in the San Diego & San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years helping all different kinds of people discover more power, hope, and satisfaction in their lives. I became licensed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2007.  Upon licensure, I knew there were some missing pieces to the puzzle in treating the individual to optimal health and well-being.  It was in 2007 that I discovered Reiki Healing.  I was going through a lot of drastic life transitions of my own and having difficulty sleeping throughout the night.  I had my first Reiki session and I immediately remember feeling balanced and centered as well as sleeping solidly for the following 2 weeks straight.  This began my Reiki Healing journey.  In 2008, I travelled to Belize in which I came in contact with a Reiki Master there who met with me for my final several days there.  It was there that she taught me how to perform Reiki on myself and assisted me in igniting my Reiki Energy more powerfully.  I brought this back with me to the States and began my formal Reiki training in Oakland, California.  For the next several years, I got my hands on as many people as I could volunteering to treat them with Reiki and getting as much feedback so I could learn as much as I could about this energy.  This led to me becoming a Reiki Master in 2010, and I began teaching Reiki classes and attuning students to Reiki that same year.

That same year in 2010, I began my Theta Healing journey.  Theta Healing was one of the other vital pieces I was striving to come by to integrate into my practice.  As a Theta Specialist, I am trained to assist others in becoming more aware of their egos, thought patterns, core belief systems, and stuck emotions that are keeping people from achieving their larger goals.  Through Theta Healing, we can easily release these patterns that are no longer serving us while replacing them with more desirable thought patterns, belief systems, and emotions.  I, along with countless others I have assisted, have experienced drastic results with the melding of this special Reiki-Theta hybrid technique. As a Reiki Master through the Dr. Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage, it is also my passion to teach 1 Day Reiki Classes to others to show how they too can easily and naturally tap into their own life force energy (a.k.a. positive energy) in practical, simple, and satisfying ways.  It is my highest life’s purpose to assist Children & Adults, through 1:1 sessions and via classes, who are ready to commit to allowing their lives to transform quickly.

Finally, in November 2013, I began combining Acutonics Sound Healing into my sessions to further deepen and strengthen the energetic movements and results for people desiring for long-lasting, quick, easy, and effective change.  The combination of my background as a traditional talk therapist to assist people to properly and effectively move through deep rooted emotions as they arise in sessions, along with Reiki Healing, Theta Healing, and Sound Healing has proven to provide so many people I have had the good fortune of working with to experience instant, life-transformative results.  Please check out my Testimonials page to see what some of my Clients & Students are saying about their results!