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Deb Davies, L.Ac.

DebDeb Davies is a licensed acupuncturist, birth doula, and child birth educator based in San Diego. Since graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2008, she found her passion working with children and women’s health issues, especially related to fertility, pregnancy and birthing. She currently maintains her acupuncture practice, while teaching expectant couples the HypnoBirthing techniques for a more relaxing and natural labor and delivery.

While working on her bachelor’s degree, Deb met one of her lifelong mentors, Cathy Goldstein.  Cathy is a licensed acupuncturist and she gave Deb her first acupuncture treatment. Cathy taught Deb that there are options in health care. Deb received many acupuncture treatments from Cathy that helped with pain, PMS, and any sense of general imbalance. Deb was amazed at how well acupuncture worked for herself and all of Cathy’s patients.  As a child, Deb had only  encountered one type of medicine for each symptom she’d ever had. She was thrilled to discover that there were so many more healthcare options, and that they were not only effective but natural.

Fast-forward a few years to 2001. Deb was married when she gave birth to her first child, Mia Belle Davies. Sadly, Mia died during early labor and Deb delivered a stillborn. This was the worst event that had ever happened to Deb.  She found comfort and healing from her loss with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The loss of her daughter inspired Deb to go to school for TCM. Deb made it her goal to make a difference in the lives of others, especially for women and children regarding the areas of birth. Deb did go on to have another daughter, Lauryn, who is the light of her life.

Deb volunteers at the Jenna Druck foundation regularly. She provides holistic grief support workshops and booths at their events, as well as serves as a mentor at their Spirit of Leadership Conferences to empower young girls.

While completing her master’s program, Deb made connections with many people and organizations. One organization was the Alternative Healing Network (AHN). Deb began her relationship with AHN as their volunteer coordinator and assisted in 2007 when the fires blew through San Diego. She helped organize volunteer efforts at Qualcomm and Gilespie Field for the firefighters and the victims of the fires. One of her strengths is the ability to step into leadership roles and take action in times of crisis.

Deb also connected with UCSD and their Holistic Integrative Medical Group. She was so inspired by the group that she began her own. Deb has grown her group from a small number to over 100 people at each meeting. She invites Eastern and Western medical professionals and students to the panel discussions on a variety of health topics. This forward thinker has brought together hundreds, if not thousands, of people in San Diego in the past few years, helping each attendee make valuable connections.

Deb’s passion is to educate the community on health care options and to promote prevention and wellness.

Deb lives in beautiful San Diego where she loves to go hiking, do yoga, garden, go to the beach, and enjoy nature. She loves spending time with her friends and community. Her family means the world to her.