Essentially Pink Breast Health

In 2006, Lara Koljonen started Essentially Pink to infuse the wisdom of Chinese medicine into mainstream culture and make being healthy – specifically breast health that promote – “S. E. X. Y.“. She noticed that breast health products were hard to find and not that fun to use or that visually stimulating for that matter. She realized information was not easy to find on what you could do to stay healthy, and that the information that was available was not geared towards a younger, hipper crowd that wanted something fun, easy and S.E.X.Y.  Lara set out to find the best organic and eco-friendly products that promoted breast health. These are the products you will find here today! Essentially Pink wants to educate as many people as possible so they make informed choices informed choices to reinforce healthy behaviors. With every item you purchase 20% of the profit goes back into Essentially Pink’s Education Fund, which produces Breast Health products and  materials that teach people how to stay healthy!

S.E.X.Y. STEPS breast health video

Check out what you can do to keep your breasts healthy and happy! These S. E. X. Y. Steps are easy, fun and keep energy flowing in your body.

Watch the  S.E.X.Y. Steps Video

Watch the Tulip Tap & Breast Massage Demo Video