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Essential Oils were mankind’s first medicine!

Essential Oils

The Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils

SONY DSCEssential Oils are volatile liquids that are distilled from plants and all of their parts- seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruit.

Essential Oils embody the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune-strengthening properties of plants.

Essential Oils are so small in molecular size that they can quickly penetrate the skin. These oils are lipid soluble and are capable of penetrating cell membranes. Essential oils can affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes and then be metabolized like other nutrients.

Essential Oils are very powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants create an unfriendly environment for free radicals- they prevent all mutations, work as free radical scavengers, prevent fungus and prevent oxidation in the cells.

Essential Oils are antibacterial, anticancer, antifungal, anti-infectious, antimicrobial, antitumor, antiparasitic, antiviral, and antiseptic! They have been shown to destroy all tested bacteria and viruses while simultaneously restoring balance to the body.


Essential Oils are aromatic. When diffused, they provide air purification by:

  • Removing metallic particles and toxins in the air
  • Increase atmospheric oxygen
  • Increase ozone
  • Destroy odors from mold, cigarettes, animals
  • Fill the air with fresh scents

Essential Oils were mankind’s first medicine! They can be taken one of three ways: Topically, aromatically, internally.

For more information about the wonderful therapeutic properties of Essential Oils, call or stop by HERBIN for more reading material, and ask for our free samples. Or attend one of FREE monthly classes taught by an Acupuncturist turned Essential Oil specialist to learn more!