Acamonchi Art on display & for sale at Herbin!

Come check out the amazing art in our new Healing Playing by featured artist Acamonchi! For only $250.00 you can own one of his pieces! Or just come and check out the full wall piece he did in the Playground – it’s simply amazing!

Biography Acamonchi
“Acamonchi reacts to a frustrating context with humorous experiments, punchy critique and creative answers. Acamonchi opens up and expands possibilities to interact with and/or motivate other individuals. We try to encourage some progress in collective thinking on the basis of street installations or graffiti in which public space is used creatively. Poster illustrations or stickers are common resources of visual communication; in the hands of Acamonchi and in combination with graffiti tactics, they become veritable terrorist instruments, and the activity as a whole becomes a kind of cultural sabotage.” (Excerpts from declarations by Acamonchi)

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