Our concept

Is to teach and express health basics and cancer-prevention, making it mainstream information that holds your attention. Making health easy and simple, because it is. There just are no TV commercials for it yet…. Our Herbin Health products are here to provide us all with detox and immune supporting products that reinforce health and make being healthy possible in our fast-paced lifestyle.


About Herbin

Expect a unique experience. Historically, our building is very special as it was the first ever Acupuncture college in San Diego back in the day! Now, we have revamped it with unique urban (aka "herbin") artwork and style and made it a really inspiring and interesting place to be. Also, we focus on the full spectrum of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. By taking all these components together – we strive to help you feel your best, stay healthy and heal. We invite you to stop by and check us out!

Essentially Pink

Essentially Pink Essentially Pink is a breast health and cancer-prevention organization that promotes modern ways to use Chinese medicine to keep the breasts and body healthy essentiallypink.com

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